Whey Protein Powder & Pre Workout Supplements

Pre Workout Supplements

We all need energy to exercise, without it we would not be able to complete a full work out and will not see the results we desire. They are the perfect way to make sure your body gets the energy it needs to perform at its best!

They are a great way to fuel your body before intense exercise, and having the fuel to push past your limits is what separates the average from the amazing. Whether your fitness goal is to improve endurance, improve your physique or improve your sporting ability: taking a good quality pre workout supplement will definitely make the difference.

Pre workout supplements can be bought in a tablet form or a liquid form. Although there is not much difference in the pricing of the 2 types, there is a difference in the performance. Firstly, liquid supplements are quick to absorb into your blood stream and quicker to deliver the nutrients to your muscles, whereas oral tablets have to break down before they enter your blood stream. Secondly, the liquid supplements are way more pleasurable to take. Not many people get pleasure from taking a tablet, and when offered the choice of a tablet or a great tasting drink, the majority of people will choose the drink.

They are best to be taken around 30 minutes before you begin your activity, as this gives your body enough time to fuel your muscles and get them ready for the exercise which Is about to follow. There are many different types of them, and some are stronger than others. All aim to give you more energy for your workout, but some have more benefits. Let’s take a little look at a couple of the most popular pre workout supplements drinks on the market:

BSN NO – Xplode:

BSN NOAvailable in a variety of different flavours, the NO-Xplode from BSN is a top selling supplement across most parts of the world, mainly due to its ability to fire you up like no other supplement, allowing you to be at your peak performance both mentally and physically. From the first time you use NO-XPlode, you will understand why it is so popular, and the elevation you experience will be a new experience to you, but definitely a good one.

As well as keeping your energy levels high and your mind alert, NO-Xplode will also keep your muscles pumped long after you have left the gym, due to the large amount of Niacin inside. You will feel more pumped and more vascular than you ever have before, and it’s a great feeling!




Redbak Nitric Stack:

Redbak Nitric StackAnother top quality pre workout supplement which is worthy of your purchase is the Nitric stack by Redbak. Scientifically proven to provide you with skin stretching pumps and muscle building qualities, this supplement is essential in the eyes of many professional bodybuilders. The difference between the Nitric stack and the NO-Xplode is the fact that the Nitric stack is fortified with more protein and amino acids, which don’t just help pump you up pre workout, they also help with the repair of your muscles post-workout. For maximum results, it’s recommended to take Nitric stack at least 40 minutes before your workout. If you want unreal pumps which last long enough for multiple gym sessions, then Redbak Nitric stack is what you need.

We are constantly told how important protein is in the world of bodybuilding, but we are never told how important pre workout supplements nutrition is. The fact is, the harder you work in the gym, the better the results. Post-workout protein can only do so much for you, and if you slack in the gym then the results you desire will not come as quickly as you want them to. Drinking a pre workout supplements drink will help keep your mind on track and your body filled with energy, helping push you through even the most intense workouts. You will thank us for it, believe me!

Whey Protein Powder

It is a concentrated source of non-essential and essential amino acids provided in powder form. It can be mixed with water or skim milk as a drink or sprinkled in breakfast cereal or baking recipes. As a supplement whey protein powder is effective in increasing muscle tissue repair for body builders and sportspeople. High concentrations of branched chain amino acids allow for direct uptake by muscle during exercise.

Whey protien powder is a safe form of protein and can be used by anyone as long as they are not allergic to dairy products and don’t suffer from lactose intolerance. Certain they contain less lactose than others and may be more suitable in these cases.

What types of Whey Protien Powders are available?

There are many types of nutritional supplements containing whey protein powder on the market, most specifically created for the bodybuilding market.

As well as being a nutritional supplement, it is also linked with several health benefits including reducing the incidence of some cancers, maintaining bone mineral density (helps prevent osteoporosis), reducing cholesterol and lowering the symptoms of menopause. It components reduce the levels of angiotension-converting enzyme (ACE) which is linked to peripheral hypertension.

Recent studies on whey powder have focused on muscle hypertrophy and resistance training in elderly males. Subjects who took whey protein powder immediately after exercise achieved positive results (less hypertrophy or muscle wasting) while those who took the formula 2 hours or more after exercise who had no significant change.

What does Whey Protein Do?

Whey proteins have also been shown to decrease the appetite and promote weight loss. Eating more high quality protein has been shown to increase the levels of the amino acid leucine helping reduce body fat while maintaining muscle mass. The alpha-lactalbumin found in whey protein has also been proven to help serotonin levels in people suffering from stress. Certain these supplements appear to lower blood pressure in some subjects.

As part of a comprehensive body building program and exercise routine whey protein products can play a key part in successful results.

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Home Gym Interior Design, Abdominal & Used Exercise Equipment

Home Gym Interior Design Promotes Fitness

It is an important factor when it comes to motivating yourself and sticking to your goals. After all, it’s a lot more fun to exercise in a well-lit and attractive workout area than in a cluttered basement. For some of us, the design idea for a home gym might simply mean having a treadmill in the bedroom. But times are changing, and more and more modern homes come with state-of-the-art private gyms that include strength training systems and cardio machines.

Interior Design

Here are some ideas for setting up a home gym that includes an attractive interior design:

  • Start by allocating a spare room in your home for setting up your workout equipment. You can get ideas about how to set up the gym and design its interior by taking note of the footprint of the machines you already own or thinking of purchasing. Single-station Smith machines can fit nicely into a corner.
  • Don’t rush into purchasing cheap home gym equipment all at once just to fill up the room. It’s a better idea to design the interior first and add quality machines over a period of time. A cheaply built machine will cost more in the long run and will probably not give you the same workout as quality-built exercise equipment.
  • It’s a good idea to make your home gym an inviting place to exercise. You can interior design the workout area by painting the walls in an attractive color, then add mirrors, photos or murals to the walls. A company called Murals can completely transform your gym with large posters to give your workout area more depth and an illusion of space.

Murals are great motivational tools as well. Have a look at their catalogue to get some ideas on interior designing your home gym with huge posters that will make you feel like running along a beach or jogging through the forest while exercising on your treadmill.

A properly designed and attractive home gym increases the likelihood of you actually using it. The interior decorating ideas presented here are a great starting point to get you going on the road to health and fitness.

Find Bargains in Used Exercise Equipment

Used exercise equipment doesn’t have the same connotation as say, a used car. Because a lot of the best fitness trainers for sale actually belong to the “un-used,” “little-in-use,” “seldom-used,” and “never touched” variety. Actually, that type of equipment may have been called by another name by its current owner: the clothes hanger. But you’re stoked to build a home gym and start exercising, so their loss will soon to be your gain!

When researching for the best home fitness equipment, you’ll find bargains in refurbished machines, which are literally re-built and repainted from the ground up, as well as used machines, which could be offered by private owners, or by fitness clubs who upgrade yearly to the latest hot piece of equipment. Both of these types of used machines, if properly calibrated, cleaned, and repaired, are the best bang for your fitness bucks.

Used Exercise Equipment

When shopping for used home exercise equipment you’ll want solid machines that will last for years, and not shoddy, over-hyped models. Check home gym reviews online and see what others are saying, especially about electronics. And if you’re in the market for other types of previously owned fitness gear — say a Smith machine, barbell rack, bench, or set of dumbbells — you’re bound to find some of the better bargains for your home gym, since equipment associated with free weights is durable for a lifetime.

Stairmasters, treadmills, elliptical machines, stationary bikes. Whatever you’re looking for to become a fitter you, you can find the best bargains in virtually every category of used equipment. And if you’re looking to outfit a home gym, you can pick up several used pieces for about the price you’d pay for a single new machine. Your friends and neighbors will think you bought new equipment and spent twice as much money as you did.

Abdominal Exercise Equipment For Your Six Pack

How does owning a piece of abdominal exercise equipment help your overall toning? With the fitness craze in full swing, you’ve probably got other machines in your home gym (treadmill, elliptical, etc.) but you’d really like to target and tone your flabby abs and get a firm 6-pack you’ve always dreamed about. There is a variety of ab machines on the market that promise the world, but do they work?

Ab Exercise Equipment

Abdominal machines are equipment designed to help get rid of that excess fat around the abdomen, and many of the exercises will give you a double benefit—they will also work your back. How? It’s the yin and yang of workout, because all muscles groups have opposing muscles groups, i.e., the back/abs, the triceps/biceps, and so on. Since it’s difficult to isolate and work on a specific muscle group, that’s where a machine like an abdominal exerciser helps.

Ab crunching equipment can range from a heavy machine to the smaller, roll bar contraptions for the floor mat. (A “crunch” is a type of exercise that can be done in several different ways and is a terrific way to tighten your abs.) If you’ve been to a gym, you’ve probably noticed that the best ab machines that are available are usually in use—a lot! You may notice a few people still on the mat trying to do the more old-fashioned exercises like sit-ups. The problem with sit-ups is that they won’t help your flabby tummy if you do them incorrectly, which most people do. But abdominal equipment will help you to isolate the area for a serious workout.

If you want to see excellent results with minimal effort, you should check out the review on the different abdominal equipment. Most are quite comfortable and easy to use with well padded cushions, foam handles, and are fully adjustable. Some of the best ab machines even offer a weight capacity up to 200 lbs. for those who exercise often and have extremely powerful abs muscles. Try out several machines and get one that offers a smooth-moving mechanism and solid (not rickety) frame that will help you isolate abdominal muscles and burn the fat off. Then enjoy all the compliments on your 6-pack abs!

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